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As previously SILVER CHEVROLET CAMARO Cover iPhone 8 communicated, the study, in fact, confirmed a widespread belief: the players get sick of ALS to a greater extent than the general population.

The search started with the examination of 23,586 players, identified through the Panini Almanacs, who played in Serie A, B, C from the 1959season until that of 1999 2000.

The study update to 2019 identified 34 THE PUNISHER COMIC Cover iPhone 8 cases of ALS. The most affected CONOR McGREGOR ART Cover iPhone 8 are midfielders: 15; more than double the attackers: 7; while there are 9 defenders and DEATH THE KID CAT Cover iPhone 8 3 goalkeepers. The risk of ALS among ex footballers turns out to be about 2 times higher than that of the general population, and the risk goes up even 6 times analyzing only Serie A. In addition, footballers get SLA at a younger age (45 years) than CLAPTRAP BORDERLANDS ART Cover iPhone 8 those who have not practiced football (European average: 65.2 cover samsung galaxy tab s2 sm t819 years).

final cover samsung j5 2016 tumbler data comments Ettore Beghi of the Neuroscience Department of the Mario Negri Institute tell us that the differences on the age of onset are confirmed as important. The players get sick on cover samsung galaxy tab a tablet da 10.1 average at 45 years, that DOLAN TWINS COLLAGE Cover iPhone 8 is, 20 years earlier than the rest of the population. The motivation is unfortunately not yet clear. Today BEST MICHAEL JORDAN QUOTE Cover iPhone 8 we have definitive data CRACKED OUT GLASS BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT cover samsung a 2015 1 Cover iPhone 8 from a study we started in 2013 that confirm the anticipation of the age of SLA debut in footballers esr cover samsung galaxy s9 plus and that a large number of footballers fall ill with ALS, but we still don know why.>data instead confirm that there is no association between the teams in which the players cover samsung j5 spigen have played and the onset of the disease adds Elisabetta Pupillo, Head of the Unit of Epidemiology of Neurodegenerative Diseases of the Mario Negri Institute Other studies conducted together with European CLUB DEPORTIVO GUADALAJARA CHIVAS 6 Cover iPhone 8 and American colleagues, however, lead us to think NEW TOWELIE SOUTH PARK Cover iPhone 8 that the cause is not the game of football itself, but a series of contributing factors, yet to be defined in detail. These include the role of trauma, intensive physical activity, a genetic predisposition and more. Each factor could have a role that is still unclear to date “.

“This study concludes Elisabetta Pupillo has laid the foundations for further investigations with international collaborations, aimed at deepening our current observations. We have a big responsibility and we want to go all the way. I thank the president Tommasi for the sensitivity and the extraordinary collaboration shown by the whole AIC. AIC was an active part of this study, collaborating closely with researchers in gathering the necessary information.>…

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