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to preliminary tests we have done recently, the financial market has an appetite for solutions for blockchain based digital assets, such as the ones we offer, said Detika in a conversation with last week. Currently, INX, which it is leading, is preparing for a public IPO in the US, and in the period until the IPO is completed, Ethics refuses to comment on the IPO itself. According to the company initial prospectus, the capital raised in the IPO is intended to be between The rest, to finance BRUCE LEE BLACK WHITE Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover the development of two digital currency trading platforms, which INX says will regulatory certainty for the blockchain asset industry. the DUKE BLUE DEVILS Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover IPO comes to fruition, it will be the first time in history that a company will raise from the investor public capital not through the sale of ordinary securities, such as shares or bonds, but through the issuance of digital currencies, with the approval of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The currency that INX intends to issue is defined as a Security token (and in short STO) that is, digital currency that is considered a securities law. This is in contrast to ICO cover samsung tab a 6 issues made in the past, in CLAPTRAP BORDERLANDS SPECTIUM Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover which digital currencies were issued without regulatory approval. The company currency, the INX token, will use Etherium ERC 20 standard.

In late 2019, as published by Globes, INX announced its intention to go out in January 2020 to Rod Show, where the company will be interested in potential investors in the issuance of its STO, INX Token. However, after the deadline was postponed for various reasons, this week the Globes learned that the Road Show is expected to begin next month. About two weeks after the completion of the Rod Show, in accordance with the indications it will receive about the level of demand and the price that may be required for INX Token currencies, the IPO where the Tokens will be offered to the public should go.

will first be traded over the counter to the most recent prospectus issued on March 2, the IPO plans to issue 130 million INX token to investors in the public, thereby raising a minimum of $ 7.5 million or a maximum of $ 130 million, at a maximum price of one dollar per issued currency. The minimum investment amount in the offering is DEATHLY HALLOWS HARRY POTTER AQUARELL Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover $ 1,000. Each or every INX currency will entitle its holders to participate annually in a proportional distribution of 40% of the Company accumulated cash flow from its operations, excluding cash proceeds from the offering.

In the prospectus, INX noted that is currently no public market for INX Token currencies, and no guarantee can be provided for such a market to be established. US residents will be allowed to trade these currencies only on a listed exchange or alternative trading system (ATS) that received INX Token. For trading or quotation. As of the date of this prospectus, no stock exchange or system exists. As a result, purchasers of this offering, as well as subsequent purchasers of INX Token coins, will likely be limited in their ability to participate in secondary trading AMERICAN SUPER SAIYAN GOKU Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover of these currencies. your IPO is completed, how will INX currencies trade

the first stage, INX Token will not be able to trade over a platform, but over the counter. Over the counter OTC sales can be made directly between investors, without any third party involvement, provided it is registered through the Registrar Securities Registrar) And, in this way, the deal is regulated by regulation. INX points out in its prospectus, INX Token coins will be held and transferred using digital wallets that support Etherium ERC 20 standard. In order to purchase the coins, investors will be required to undergo customer identification (KYC) and money laundering (AML) processes, in accordance with regulatory requirements.

According to CHICAGO BEARS NFL 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Dtika, are only two securities trading platforms (STOs) operating in the US today, and both are not very successful: tZERO and OpenFinance. Theoretically, INX Tokens can be listed for trading on these platforms, but this is a less practical option. Ultimately, the goal for INX was set up is to set up an STO trading platform that is not only limited to institutional investors, but open to the general public, including retail investors. two platforms, which are mentioned by Ethics, have recently released reports indicating the risks involved in their activities. However, this month, the SEC rejected the BSTX decision on approval of BSTX legal and regulatory activities The competing platform OpenFinance sent a message to all companies whose STO currencies traded in its system last week, warning them that if they did not renew their contracts and pay their annual fees accordingly, May 21 all their coins will be erased from her trade. In fact, as long as it CONOR McGREGOR UFC KING Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover does not have such approval, INX is not expected to set up its primary platform Established, according to Dtika, until today FINRA has not approved any company to provide custody services of Securities Tokens, nor has it established a platform for trading on such assets. we decided to partner with another company, which will seek custodian regulatory approval for digital assets, Whereas INX will seek regulatory approval CLUB DEPORTIVO GUADALAJARA CHIVAS 7 Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover for trading on these assets, “he said.

Vitlik Butrin, one of the founders of Ethrium / Photo: Eyal Yitzhar, Globes

is the God of Regulators in Gibraltar in 2017 by Dtika and Doron Cohen, INX operates in the United States through two subsidiaries in Delaware INX Digital and INX Services. The company, which now employs 14 employees, states in its prospectus that its trading platforms will be fully operational , It is expected to relocate its SIERRA VERA BRADLEY Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover offices to New York.

Dathika, president of INX, is also an external director at Altshuler Shaham Camel and Pensions, and previously served as VP of Business Development at Leider Capital Markets, after selling the ILS Brokers foreign exchange company he owned in 2012 for NIS 22 million paid in cash and shares.

According to the company prospectus in early March, Dtika holds about 29% of INX shares through its wholly owned Triple V, and co founder Cohen owns about 10% of INX shares through its owned A Labs company. The main shareholders are also Yitzhak Rafaeli, who holds about 16% of INX shares.

INX management team includes executives with capital market experience, including senior manager Alan Silver, former vice president of Capital One Bank, and director David Wild, former NASDAQ vice president.

In the prospectus, INX stated that it plans to develop its operations in two stages. In the first phase, the company will set up the INX Digital trading platform, which will serve as a stock exchange for crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether and other currencies. states. INX notes that the US BitGo company provides crypto DVA OVERWATCH Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus currency custody services for INX Digital Exchange cover samsung edge s6 customers.

In the second phase, INX plans to establish the INX Securities Trading Securities Trading Platform. According to the company, it is expected to complete the development of this platform and begin trading in January 2021. According to the prospectus, INX intends to list its subsidiary INX Services as a broker dealer and operate INX Securities trading platform as an alternative trading system (ATS) for securities tokens. However, at least BIBLE VERSE PASTOR CHUCK SMITH Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover initially, INX Services may operate through a third party ATS. The company estimates that the amount of expenses cover samsung galaxy grand neo plus trasparente required to complete the two phases of development will amount to $ 19 million.

How does the Corona crisis affect the blockchain field in which INX operates

think in the near future we will see GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS LOGO 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus some projects in the field that will put them on the ice or throw them into the sea. Cash is the king now, and any company in need of financing today is in trouble. Investors are afraid to open funds for CRACKED OUT GLASS BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover new investments, and most of them are barricaded in their positions. And new companies that don have enough cash will have to close or freeze their operations. according to Dtika, INX business plans were CUTE TWEETY BIRD Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus not affected by the Corona crisis. was an opportunity for us to have another month and a half to develop our platform and bring it to a more advanced state, he said. prefer to develop our platform from the ground up and do it alone. When you are regulated, you cannot rely on a third party. There are a lot of regulatory aspects of the securities trading platform, such as trading patterns, speed, outbound information, customer reports. These are all things we need to control and know in the system how they work, BLUNT ROLL WEED OBE Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover so the system needs to be in our full control. I don see a stock exchange like NASDAQ, for example, using a third party white label platform that also sells its system to dozens of companies Competitors. Why was INX targeting US issuance in the first place, and not in countries where regulation is easier

is the god of regulators in the world, and the US capital market is a huge market. For us, getting SEC approval is like getting a seal from God. In most cases, the US regulator is a role model for other regulators in the world. For example, we have tried to go the drops and operate from places like Malta or Cyprus to gain regulatory approval. But we want to operate in a field that is completely legitimate and that everyone can trade without fear. cover samsung a7 2015 silicone We do not want to face a situation in the future where we have to explain why our activity is legitimate. .

is not cover samsung galaxy tab 3 8 pollici a stock or bond is important to understand that INX has created hybrid production that did not exist in the financial world before. Token Security (STO) is defined as a security, but it is not a stock that embodies shareholders, nor is it a bond, which the company needs There is a financial instrument here that gives holders similar rights to those of stockholders in companies, but without voting rights and no right to influence the board; holders of INX Token will never be cover samsung galaxy s 7 diluted; they will receive a certain percentage of the annual dividend mandatory; , Which will be listed as an unsecured debt. It a financial asset of a kind that never existed, Two in front of the SEC. This device can flex their financial tools that are accessible to investors. believes that is a technology through which trading can take place 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the public information is immediately available to anywhere in the world and credit risks are reduced to zero. Therefore, I believe that in the future the world of stock trading will change so that all shares of companies The major ones that are eventually traded on the S 500 index will be traded as digital assets on blockchain infrastructure. predicament of ethics gives him great confidence about his blockchain company: are about 60 stock exchanges in the world today that make more than $ 1 trillion trading day, he said. convinced that in 15 10 years, INX will be among the 20 30 exchanges with the world largest cycles…

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